Guidance to the Revised Rates to be followed for valuation of Building/Apartment

(Notification No.CVC 19/2011-11 Dated 21.09.2011)

S.NO Description of the building Coming under the jurisdiction of B.M.P
Ground floor (For every Sq.ft in Rs.) upper floors (For every Sq.ft in Rs.)
1 R.C.C.Granite flooring, Teak Wood 1200 1150
2 R.C.C.Marble flooring, Teak Wood 1000 950
3 R.C.C. Mosaic / Vitrified/Ceramic flooring,Teak Wood 900 850
4 R.C.C Mosaic / Polished Kadapa/ Shahabad / Betham Chelli Flooring, Honne wood, Steel Windows 800 750
5 R.C.C. Red Oxide flooring. All types of wood or Steel Window 700 650
6 Madras Tarsi/Kadapa slab, Mangalore tiles, A.C. Sheet, Red Oxide flooring, Jungle Wood, Cement Plastering Walls 450 400
7 Madras Tarsi,Mangalore tiles. 375 350
8 Black Tiles, Mud finishing, Kadapa and mud walls, Jungle woods and Huts 300 -
  1. The following Values will be leived for the undeveloped converted lands
    1. Upto 5 Guntas (including 5 Guntas)
    2. From 5 Guntas to 10 Guntas of Lands
  2. The following Lands were converted for the specific purpose in which converted, such lands alienated without development, such alienated lands shall be levied more than the charges prescribed for the residental value in the following manner:
    1. Converted for Industrial Purpose25%
    2. Converted for Residential Purpose 50%
    3. Converted for Commercial Purpose 60%
  3. Properties were not included in this Valuation list of Properties which were attached to National Highways & State Highways more value of 50% and 25% of the prescribed Value shall be levied.
  4. 40% of more value of the Residential Value shall be levied to any of theCommercial Sites in the area of the limits of Bruhath Bangalore Mahanagara Palike, Dangalore Development Authority and House Building Co-operative Society Properties the afore said value shall be levied.
  5. Properties were belonging to Gramatana Limit Commercial Sites Value shall be levied 30% more than the prescribed Value of Residential Sites.
  6. 10% more prescribed Value shall be levied to the corner sites and also sites situated either side roads to the areas of the prescribed value of the Sites.
  7. Residential Value shall be levied to the already been declared as industrialzones area properties and 50% rate of value shall be levied to the other areas of Industrial sites the aforesaid value shall be levied.
  8. 30% more Value of Flat Rates shall be levied to the Commercial Flats and for Commercial (Malls) Complexes Value shall be levied more than 40% of the Residencial Flat Values.
  9. 25% site value shall be levied to the Open Terrace of Apartment/Garden Areal Area of Executive usage.
  10. Revised Market Value shall be taken in to account as per the Revised Value fixed under this list, if any Immovable Properties Value is not forth comming such Market Value shall also be included under the provisions of Registration Act U/s. 45(A)(1) of the Act, the same shall be given effect and enforced.
  11. Apartment rates givin in Annexure-2 will be equal to Super Buildup Area basic rate; Apartment Total Value = Super Buildup Area Basic Rate + Additional Floor Value + Additional Special Amenities Group Value.