BBMP Rajakaluve / Storm Water Drain Maps

BBMP has published the Rajakaluve Maps for reference. The information uploaded is organized in three folders Bangalore East, Bangalore North and Bangalore North Add.

Each of these folders are further organized by village name. The documents are in Kannada and not optimized for web viewing, however if there is a storm water drain passing through a survey number the file name includes the survey number.

Some of the village level folders also contain the village map which gives you a rough idea of the SWD. Its difficult to interpret these maps and if you find your survey number its better to approach the revenue department for more information.

  1. SWD / Rajakaluve Maps for Bangalore East
  2. WD / Rajakaluve Maps for Bangalore North Set-1
  3. SWD / Rajakaluve Maps for Bangalore North Set-2