1.     Special instructions  relating to valuation

Special instructions  applicable relating to the Valuation of properties under the Jurisdiction of 5 District sub-Registrars office, Bangalore Urban .


1.      The Following values will be levied for the  Agricultural land /undeveloped converted land .

(i)                 Upto 5 Guntas                                     The value of the site of that area

(including 5 Guntas)                            shall be levied.

(ii)               From 5 Guntas to                                after deducting 50% of the value

10 Guntas of Lands                             of the site shall be levied.


2.      If the Lands are  converted for the specific purpose in which such converted lands are  alienated without development, such alienated lands shall be levied more than the charges prescribed for the residential value in the following manner,-

1.  Converted for Industrial Purpose                   50% (more than 10 Guntas)

2.  Converted for Residential Purpose                 60% (more than 10 Guntas)

3.  Converted for Commercial Purpose               75% (more than 10 Guntas)


3. Those Properties which are not included in this Valuation list of Properties attached to National Highways & State Highways, it shall be 50% and 25% respectively more of the prescribed Value of such properties shall be levied.


4. For Commercial and other than Residential (except Industrial ) at any place, 40% hike on the existing rate of Residential value has to be fixed as per the specified area, except fixing rate for Commercial/Residential purpose. 


5. 10%  hike on the  prescribed Value of the sites shall be levied to the corner sites and also sites situated either side of the roads to the areas of the prescribed value of the Sites.


6. Valuation to be levied as per the guidance value for the  properties of the  industrial zones as already declared and  other than these properties ,  75% rate of residential  value shall be levied to the Industrial sites  of other  areas .


7. 30% hike on the rate of the existing residential flats has to be fixed for the commercial/Mall/ Residential flats which are not been fixed with rates (as per  the plan approved by the local body/authority)


8. 25% of the  value of the  super built up  area  shall be levied to the Open Terrace of the Apartment  /Garden Area/ exclusive usage area.


9. Valuation of Apartment  given in Annexure-2 is of  basic rate of Super Built up  Area :

Total value of the Apartment =  Basic Rate of Super Built-up Area + Additional Floor Value + Additional Special Amenities Group Value.

10. As per Annexure-2, the rate of all Villas/Row Houses are equal to the rate of the Plots of Villa/ Row Houses. Total value of Villa/Row House = value of Plot of Villa/Row House + building value of Villa/Row House + special facilities value.


11. Before registration, if new Layout, Multistoried Building, Villa, Row House are planned, rate has to be fixed by Central Valuation Committee.


12. Revised Market Value shall be taken into account as per the Revised Value fixed under this list for the deeds presented  after coming into force of the  Revised Value and also for the deeds where execution for the  Immovable Properties has been done before coming into force of the guidance Value. Otherwise , action shall be initiated under the provisions of  Section .4S(A)(1)  of the Registration Act.


13. The rate for Plots/Sites and Apartments are calculated in terms of Sq.ft and Sq.mtrs (1 = 10.674 sq ft). The value  for the purpose of payment of tax   to be considered of which higher value is arrived at between the two .