Your search for purchase of property ends, no sooner you find a suitable property; and your efforts for completing the formalities for possession and ownership begins here.

Normally, the buyer feel relaxed after finalizing the ‘Property’ of his choice and start making his plans for pooling ‘finance’ to buy the property. While pooling ‘finance’ is only one of the aspect, there exists some other features such as: Documentation, Registration vis-à-vis payment of stamp duty, followed by transfer of Khatha in revenue records.

To own a property, ‘finance’ plays vital role, similarly, in Documentation and Registration, ‘the value of the property’ plays significant role.

The machinery which guide you on the Value of the property on which you would be required to pay ‘stamp duty’ and remain ‘trouble-free’, after completing the registration formalities, is all the more ‘important’; and such value as may be fixed by the Government, from time to time, is known to be the ‘Guidance Value’.

Since the revenue collected from the buyers, is one of the ‘prime’ source of avenue, the Government revise the ‘value’ on the properties, from time to time, and notify the same through Gazette and such value as may be fixed by the Government on the properties based on ‘location’ is known as ‘Guidance value’. The same is applicable only in the State of Karnataka and is published in Kannada language.

In deed, the details of such ‘Guidance value’ as notified by the Government of Karnataka, is not only voluminous but also confuse the buyer, to arrive at the exdact value of the property.

At this need of hour, there is an imperative need for a guide who can come to your rescue and tell you about the value fixed by the Government on the property proposed to be purchased by you, to enable you to make arrangements for payment of ‘Stamp duty’ and completing the formalities of ‘Registration’.

We provide you two-fold services viz.,

TO TAKE YOU TO YOUR HOME (in as much as helping you in ‘searching’ for a suitable Home (flat/villa/independent house etc.,) at your choicest place).

FOR COMPLETING POST-PURCHASE FORMALITIES beginning from telling you the ‘value’ of the property as fixed by the Government from time to time, the details of Registration Office and its location, calculation of ‘stamp duty’ payable as Per ‘guidance value’ etc.


Basically, this website is ‘user-friendly’ and meant exclusively for the purpose of providing much needed ‘guidance’ to the buyers, on all the post-purchase formalities beginning from making your task to know the exact ‘guidance value’ of the property you purchased, which enables you to make arrangements for registration, without any trouble.

As a gesture to provide the most important information on ‘guidance value’ as fixed by the Government, from time to time, absolute at FREE OF COST, to our most revered viewers, the entire gamut of ‘GUIDANCE VALUE’ portal is just a ‘CLICK’ away of you.

CONTENTS OF ‘’ portal:

Largely, this portal contains everything you require to ensure ‘hassle-free’ registration of your document of your choicest property, purchased by you. Amongst others, this ‘user-friendly’ and ‘free of cost’ portal – – provide you the following:

  • Entire Index on the latest ‘guidance value’ of properties as fixed by the Government, situated in entire ‘Bengaluru’.

  • Special information on ‘location of properties’ to ascertain the probable market value of the property situated on High ways; coupled with nature of property such as: Converted land; commercial; industrial.

  • Building specifications and rates;

  • Vehicle parking charges.

  • High-rise buildings with additional value of the properties located above 5th floor of such buildings.

  • Value on Special amenities provided in Flats/Villas;

  • Property Registration guidance;

  • Replies by our Senior Advocate specialized in ‘Real Estate Property Matters’ to your legal queries.

  • Market value on properties – as estimated by the Media, from time to time

  • Details of Properties available exclusively in Bengaluru.

  • Judgements delivered by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India as well as various Hon’ble High Courts on Registration of Properties.

Besides the above, we have also made available, the following for the ‘use’ of our valued viewers:
  • Stamp Duty Calculator:
  • -This will enable you to arrive at the quantum of money to be made available before you start making arrangements for pooling the money.
  • Kannada Version of the ‘Guidance value’ – gazette notification – notified by the Government of Karnataka:
  • - This will enable our valued viewers, to read and understand the contents by themselves and be clarified on each and every aspect, in respect of all the 42 Sub Registrar Offices situated within the Bangalore Urban District.
  • Details of Sub Registrar Office – of Bangalore Rural District.

  • Corrigendum to the Bangalore Rural District.

  • Details of Sub Registrar Office located at Ramnagar District.

  • The Address and Telephone numbers of all the 42 Sub Registrar Offices in Bangalore Urban District.

Last but not the least, this portal also provide you with the information on old data pertaining to ‘guidance value’ on properties, for the period from 12/08/2013 to 12/11/2014.